ASPL Info Services prioritises services and digital amid growth aspirations

ASPL Info Services prioritises services and digital amid growth aspirations

Bengaluru-based provider builds out services expertise

Jayanth Gojer (ASPL Info Services)

Jayanth Gojer (ASPL Info Services)

Credit: ASPL Info Services

Bengaluru-based ASPL Info Services is emerging from Covid-19 to prioritise the delivery of IT services and digital transformation for pandemic-hit customers, no matter where they are, who they are or what they do.

With offices in India and the United Arab Emirates, the 250 plus-employee organisation offers end-to-end enterprise-grade managed services to corporate clients. Hands-on with fool proof processes, three ISO certifications and bespoke solutions, ASPL has built a portfolio of satisfied customers who keep returning for in-depth knowledge, consistency, and speed.

As a fast-growing player within the IT services space, the business is blending the richness of experience from its parent company legacy of over 25 years with bold decision-making amid an ever-changing market landscape across India.

"The biggest learning has been the importance of hedging business risk by diversifying into different areas even within the IT domain with a focus of a recurring or assured business model,” said Jayanth Gojer, CEO of ASPL, when reflecting on the key lessons learned during Covid-19. "We realised that strong processes and systems which enable flexibility in operations would become the norm now.”

Speaking exclusively to Channel Asia, Gojer cited remote management of IT infrastructure as key to customer recovery during the months ahead, as local businesses begin the long and arduous road back to innovation.

“This will be the need of the hour with organisations downsizing and housing a limited on-site workforce environment,” he observed. “This could be done in-house where the infrastructure is already built up, or this will be outsourced to managed service providers. These solutions also offer real-time visibility of a customer's IT landscape which is critical in decision-making and cost management.”

With a clear eye on budgets and cost reduction, Gojer said organisations will ramp up efforts to embrace "enterprise-class open-source applications" capable of supporting enterprise-level workloads in the months ahead. As a result, many 'good to have' features in applications may take a back seat with importance given to business critical features, advised Gojer.

"Automation and cloud will pick up as there is a clear move to downsize physical office space and increase remote working,” he added. “Hence a clear directive is emerging to move workloads to the cloud.

“With reduction in headcount, the importance of automation comes to the fore. Typical repetitive lift and shift tasks will see a huge level of automation. Departments of finance and HR will be the quick entry departments for automation."

In looking ahead, Gojer said ASPL will continue to “focus on our people and their development” as India continues to navigate the stormy Covid-19 waters ahead.

"They are the core of an organisation that will see you through good times and even bad times,” he acknowledged. “Strong and robust back-end processes and systems are also critical for an organisation to scale while making sure that the quality of deliverables does not suffer.

“One business mantra we have always followed is offering solutions that deliver true business value to customers. More so in today’s times, our role is to build solutions based on business needs."

According to Gojer, another trend expected to 'pick up' in the short- to medium-term will be OPEX-based business solutions, solutions capable of enabling organisations to adopt cutting-edge solutions through flexible consumption models.

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