Backed by Microsoft, Unzyp Software supports Indonesian SMEs through app launch

Backed by Microsoft, Unzyp Software supports Indonesian SMEs through app launch

Kasvlo aims to help customers run business operations digitally rather than manually

Fauzi Assegaf and Untag Pranata (Unzyp Software)

Fauzi Assegaf and Untag Pranata (Unzyp Software)

Credit: Unzyp Software

Unzyp Software has launched an application to support small to medium-sized enterprise customers in Indonesia following a partnership with Microsoft and Tech Data.

Under the banner of Kasvlo, the finance application is designed to help customers run business operations digitally rather than manually, removing the need for additional expertise in the process.

Aligned to widespread government digital initiatives, the offering is available for download via Google Play Store and App Store, with an iOS version set to launch in the near future.

“There are still a lot of owners of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia that manage their business manually,” said Untag Pranata, CEO of Unzyp Software. “A lot of people do not have access to technology or understand how to use technology properly. We are trying to encourage innovation by creating a simple and easy-to-use application for them.”

According to Pranata, the application allows business owners to manage the financial aspects of the organisation without relying on the expertise of an accountant or specialist. With data stored in the cloud, key features include recording expenses and incomes, in addition to debts, receivables and automated reporting.

Credit: Unzyp Software

The roll-out follows a direct address to the local market by Haris Izmee - president of Indonesia at Microsoft - during the 2020 DevCon Digital Economy Summit in Jakarta, which was headlined by Satya Nadella as CEO.

“In line with the priority of the [Indonesian] government to create a future-ready community, we are focusing on talents of digital domain and digital infrastructure for digital economy,” said Izmee, when addressing more than 2500 developers in February.

As explained by Pranata, Kasvlo was created leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft and Tech Data in the local market.

“In seeing the rapid development of a digital economy in Indonesia, we fully support the development of fintech in Indonesia,” he added. “Kasvlo can assist medium to small business owners in optimising their business without being left behind in the flow of economy digitalisation.”

Kasvlo forms part of a micro apps platform - Unzyp Cloud - which includes other applications to support business operational activities, such as a password management offering Aksesa and a solution set to be launched later this year - Billing On - which focuses on customer billing systems.

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