Liquibase, formerly Datical, updates database devops tools

Liquibase, formerly Datical, updates database devops tools

Liquibase offers database schema change automation for Oracle and PostgreSQL in free open source and commercially licensed tools

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Database release automation provider Datical has changed its name to Liquibase and updated its product portfolio, with the Liquibase 7.3 release. Liquibase supports Oracle Database and PostgreSQL environments including Amazon RDS offerings.

Available in both commercial and open source versions, Liquibase addresses problems associated with manually updating database schemas. It is intended to help eliminate errors and delays when releasing databases by providing a range of database-oriented devops capabilities.

The Liquibase product portfolio includes Liquibase Enterprise, formerly Datical DB, a commercially licensed product that offers advanced governance, quality, and safety features.

The Liquibase Enterprise 7.3 release can restore environments to working order after a job failure and configure which Oracle error codes can be ignored for a given product. Also, Deployment Monitoring Console DMC) Deploy & Forecast reports now can be viewed in the browser.

This is in addition to Liquibase Business, a commercially licensed product with a subset of Enterprise edition features for teams, providing visibility into code changes across the pipeline to improve team workflows.

Other key features include Liquibase Community, a free, Apache-licensed open source tool to familiarise users with schema change management and database version control.

Liquibase Community 4.0 currently is in a beta release stage, with a multitude of improvements and bug fixes. A Community build server, meanwhile, allows contributors to submit and test pull requests for the Community edition.

The company had acquired Liquibase, an open source database schema management tool, by bringing in the project owner in 2012. Liquibase offers a 30-day free trial of Liquibase Enterprise. The company also is part of the AWS Service Ready Program, which integrated Liquibase with the Amazon Web Services cloud.

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