Accenture snaps up Indian big data specialist Byte Prophecy

Accenture snaps up Indian big data specialist Byte Prophecy

Includes addition of nearly 50 data science and data engineering experts

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Accenture has acquired Indian big data and analytics specialist Byte Prophecy to scale artificial intelligence (AI) and digital solutions capabilities across the enterprise market.

The acquisition - for an undisclosed amount - will result in the addition of nearly 50 data science and data engineering experts focusing on insight automation to the Accenture Applied Intelligence division of the consultancy giant.

In taking control of the Ahmedabad-based business, Accenture will aim to deepen existing consulting and technology capabilities within the areas of data foundations and advanced analytics.

“Across industries, decision making has become more complex, and businesses are increasingly relying on advanced analytics and AI to ensure insight driven, rapid decision making,” said Piyush Singh, market unit lead of India at Accenture.

“Beyond advanced technology capabilities, Accenture brings our clients a co-innovation mindset, and in Byte Prophecy we found a partner with the right mix of technology and consulting skills, and a client-centric innovation culture."

Founded in 2011, Byte Prophecy has worked closely with Accenture Ventures since 2018 on open innovation efforts, collaborating and co-innovating with Accenture and its clients in Asia Pacific on advanced data and analytics projects.

“Our experience working with Accenture has helped us better understand customer pain points and fine-tune our solution to respond with greater agility to clients’ needs,” added Mrugank Parikh, co-founder of Byte Prophecy.

“The opportunity to become part of Accenture Applied Intelligence will enable us to jointly build stronger assets and expand our services to more clients in the emerging markets. We are excited about our journey ahead and are looking forward to exploring the wide opportunities this union will bring to our people and clients.”

During the past 12 months, Accenture has made Applied Intelligence acquisitions in Australia, Spain, North America and the UK to enhance AI capabilities on a global scale.

"Our team has already been working with Byte Prophecy over the past two years, and together we’ve helped clients build the strong data foundations that are the cornerstone for successful AI adoption," said Athina Kanioura, chief analytics officer of Accenture. "Officially making Byte Prophecy’s people and capabilities part of Accenture is a testament to the shared vision of shared success we’ve seen in our joint efforts."

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