EY supports Ministry of Health through SAP as Malaysia fights Covid-19

EY supports Ministry of Health through SAP as Malaysia fights Covid-19

Solution implemented and delivered to Disaster Response Network within a week

Shahira Ahmed Bazari (Yayasan Hasanah)

Shahira Ahmed Bazari (Yayasan Hasanah)

Credit: Yayasan Hasanah

EY has deployed a customer experience application developed by SAP to facilitate medical supplies to hospitals across Malaysia, delivered via the Disaster Response Network (GDRN).

Designed to assist the Ministry of Health during the Covid-19 outbreak, the network comprises of government-linked companies and is spearheaded by Yayasan Hasanah, a foundation under Khazanah Nasional, and Telekom Malaysia.

The solution - which includes SAP Sales and Services Cloud - was implemented by the Malaysian arm of EY and delivered to GDRN within a week. The aim is to provide “optimum logistical support and response” to organisations working to assist the Ministry of Health supply ventilators and protective equipment to hospitals, in addition to other health-related organisations under its control.

“We are heartened by the support extended by organisations such as EY and SAP that have helped the GDRN-led effort to improve our relief and support for MoH and other humanitarian assistance in a coordinated and streamlined manner,” said Shahira Ahmed Bazari, managing director of Yayasan Hasanah.

“We are confident that this collaborative spirit and collective effort within the private sector will continue to have a meaningful impact on the overall effort against Covid-19.”

The application will also help channel pledges from institutions and individuals looking to contribute hospital-related items via an integrated platform.

“We believe that the SAP application as implemented by EY will contribute greatly towards better coordinating the needs of the various government hospitals and facilities, including the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves,” added Chow Sang Hoe, advisory leader of ASEAN at EY.

According to Hong Kok Cheong - managing director of Malaysia at SAP - intelligence and integration are key when creating a seamless supply chain; “SAP is pleased to be providing its technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness in facilitating better healthcare services.”

Globally speaking, EY, SAP and SAP-owned Qualtrics recently unveiled a collaboration to provide agencies with tailored services and solutions to meet the "initial urgent and critical needs" of governments.

Available to more than 90 countries worldwide, the offerings are provided in eight languages - spanning English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Greek - through EY implementation and enablement services.

“Governments around the world are having to act quickly and decisively as they lead their citizens through uncertain times,” a joint statement read. “These solutions and services help governments quickly interact with their citizens at scale by providing a means of collecting and analysing data in real-time.

“This allows them to take immediate action amid an ever-changing situation and bring immense benefit to their citizens during the current crisis. We are proud to stand together to help governments use the power of experience management to navigate this difficult and unsettling situation as we all work to keep our communities and loved ones healthy and safe.”

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