GitHub to acquire NPM JavaScript package registry

GitHub to acquire NPM JavaScript package registry

GitHub plans to move NPM private registries to GitHub Packages while leaving the public NPM registry in place

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Microsoft-owned GitHub has signed an agreement to purchase JavaScript package registry provider NPM, with plans to integrate the two platforms and move the private NPM packages of paying NPM customers to the GitHub Packages registry. NPM will focus exclusively on its public registry.

The deal was announced March 16. With the integration, GitHub wants to improve the security of the open source software supply chain and enable users to trace a change from a GitHub pull request to the NPM package version that fixed it. The public NPM registry shall remain free.

The NPM registry has been home to more than 1.3 million packages with 75 billion downloads per month. For paying customers who use NPM Pro, NPM Teams, and NPM Enterprise to host private registries, GitHub will continue to support them.

GitHub also is investing in GitHub Packages as a multi-vendor packages registry integrated with GitHub. Later this year, NPM customers will be able to move private NPM packages to GitHub Packages.

GitHub’s plans for the GitHub-NPM integration include investing in the registry infrastructure and platform to ensure that NPM is “fast, reliable, and scalable".

This is in addition to improving the core, everyday experience with improvements such as command-line interface access to NPM Workspaces, which are used for managing multiple packages from within a single, top-level root package. Improvements to package publishing and multi-factor authentication also are planned.

Another key priority includes increasing community engagement to gather ideas to define the future of NPM.

GitHub did not provide details on the cost of the NPM purchase or a precise date when the sale would close. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in 2018 for $7.5 billion.

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