Kubernetes key as AVM Cloud advances in Malaysia

Kubernetes key as AVM Cloud advances in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur-based business targets enterprise growth in 2020

Kenny Lim (AVM Cloud)

Kenny Lim (AVM Cloud)

Credit: AVM Cloud

The addition of Kubernetes-as-a-service, backed by enhanced multi-cloud product capabilities, stand tall as the leading Malaysian priorities for an expanding AVM Cloud in 2020.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the business - operating as a division of Integrated Global Solutions Technologies (IGS) - is building out a suite of solutions designed to drive cloud adoption at enterprise level.

Central to such ambitions will be the introduction of Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling and management.

As revealed by sister publication InfoWorld, the container orchestration tool continues to gain momentum as enterprises leap from pilot projects to production, with customers such as Bloomberg, News UK and travel data provider Amadeus already putting Kubernetes to work. Closer to home in Malaysia, similar traction is expected to take place during the next 12 months.

“In 2020, we are looking to prioritise adding in Kubernetes-as-service and activating the multi-cloud readiness of our product roadmap,” said Kenny Lim, CEO of AVM Cloud.

“We are also focusing on building an analytics platform and expanding further with our ecosystem partners specific to email and security services. This shall push us beyond the infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS] and platform-as-a-service [PaaS] offerings that we have built over the years.”

As explained by Lim, when speaking to Channel Asia, the business enters 2020 with strong momentum following key customer wins in 2019, including a private cloud project from a “leading ASEAN universal bank” in Malaysia.

This was in addition to launching a new product line in July - AVM Cloud Fusion - a hybrid-cloud disaster recovery solution to help customers modernise and optimise back-up and disaster recovery strategies via on-premises and the cloud.

“AVM Cloud serves the enterprise with cloud services that meet market needs,” Lim added. “We have expertise in adapting and became the first service provider to offer on-premises cloud, public cloud and collaboration with multi-cloud strategies. This is beyond our home ground and allows customers to focus on digital transformation journeys.

“As a service provider, we are able to accommodate this transition and move to the digital economy at each customer’s respective pace.”

In assessing the Malaysian market, Lim believes four core technologies will dominate customer investment priorities in the year ahead, spanning edge computing; Kubernetes-as-a-service; ransomware protection and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The market is also building momentum in using data to tell a story and to understand their own business,” Lim observed. “Therefore, analytics is a critical success factor for the industry to tackle.

“Modernising applications with agile development has been constantly talked about as well, customers want to know how to simplify infrastructure that is scalable.

“However, key customer challenges include security protection, from edge devices to the data centre. This is alongside understanding evolving business priorities and using data to drive monetisation, while ensuring the company stays relevant.”

Leveraging more than nine years of local experience, AVM Cloud goes to market as a cloud service provider with expertise in back-up, disaster recovery and data protection, alongside compute, storage and network capabilities.

The business partners with VMware, Dell Technologies, NetApp, Trend Micro and Veeam from a vendor standpoint, serving more than 200 corporate customers across finance, retail, logistics and government.

“Our unique on-premises and public cloud offering provides customers with the best of both worlds, maintaining full security compliance for on-premises services but also leveraging the benefits of public cloud,” Lim said. “Our team has developed a unique methodology which allows customers to safely and quickly migrate from on-premises to cloud.”

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