Metrodata smashes billion-dollar sales mark in Indonesia

Metrodata smashes billion-dollar sales mark in Indonesia

Jakarta-based technology giant breaks records due to digital transformation growth

Susanto Djaja (Metrodata Electronics)

Susanto Djaja (Metrodata Electronics)

Credit: Metrodata Electronics

Metrodata Electronics (MTDL) has reported estimated sales in excess of $1 billion in USD following a strong year of market growth in Indonesia.

The Jakarta-based business - celebrating 45 years of existence after launching in 1975 - has attributed the record revenue to increased demand for digital transformation solutions, in addition to a spike in IT products and services during 2019.

The technology giant houses brands such as Synnex Metrodata in distribution, Mitra Integrasi Informatika which specialises in solution implementation and managed services and Soltius Indonesia as expert business consultants. This is alongside My Icon Technology operating in retail, Logicalis Metrodata focusing on networking and Xerindo Technology specialising in telecommunications services.

“We are grateful for the support of stakeholders, our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders,” said Susanto Djaja, president director of MTDL. “MTDL managed to score a positive performance with increased revenue in line with demand for IT products and solutions in this era of digital transformation.

“MTDL's growth performance was also contributed by sales to the corporate segment, in line with the technological transformation that call for IT solutions and consulting services.”

Djaja cited “rising demand” for IT products and services as leading contributors to the sales milestone, as well as internal measures taken by the business to deploy digital transformation initiatives aligned to Industry 4.0 aspirations.

For example, Djaja said the financial industry, specifically banking and other financial services, has been "fundamentally disrupted" by fintech, with MTDL helping banks establish interconnection between back-end core systems and front-end digital systems to compete more effectively with new market players.

“Going forward, we are enthusiastically optimistic that more companies will require services related to digital transformation, which is one of the sources of sustainable growth for MTDL,” he added.

With deep expertise in distribution and IT delivery, MTDL goes to market across eight key technology pillars, spanning cloud services, big data, security and hybrid IT infrastructure, alongside digital business platforms, business applications, consulting and managed services.

In looking ahead, Djaja said the company's distribution business will execute a strategy that involves bolstering cooperation with new partners with a specific focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), gaming and cyber security.

Furthermore, and in response to a "growing need" for agile applications in Indonesia, MTDL's solution and consulting business units have been leveraging IT developers to meet increased customer demand.

So far, around 500 IT developers have been provided by MTDL to help corporations carry out digital transformation initiatives across the country.

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