Microsoft extends security updates for Windows Server 2008, but only through Azure

Microsoft extends security updates for Windows Server 2008, but only through Azure

Support of support for Windows Server 2008 ended on 14 January

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Microsoft partners transitioning customers away Windows Server 2008 will be able to offer them three years of security updates if they move to Azure.

The vendor, which ended support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 on January 14, is heavily plugging its cloud service, claiming it will bring “immediate and tangible” benefits in a blog post.

As a way of minimising “time-consuming” process of security updates during the transition, Microsoft will offer three years of extended security updates at no additional cost, but only via Azure Virtual Machines, adding it will “allow you more time to plan the transition paths for your business-critical apps and services”.

“While support for these popular releases ends today, we are excited about new innovations in cloud computing, hybrid cloud, and data that can help server workloads get ready for the new era,” Vijay Kumar Director, Windows Server and Azure Product Marketing director wrote.

“We also want to make sure that we work with all our customers to support them through this transition while applying the latest technology innovations to modernise their server workloads.”

Partners beginning the transition of Windows Server workloads to Azure are advised to use either the cloud service’s own virtual machines, Azure VMware solutions and also Azure dedicated host. 

Microsoft’s discount program, Azure hybrid benefit can be applied to partners and customers with Windows Server licenses in Azure

Meanwhile, those unable to migrate workloads to the cloud are instead advised to move to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019, which carries hybrid capabilities to integrate with Azure, plus  Kubernetes support for Windows containers. 

“With Windows Server running on-premises, you can still leverage Azure services for back-up,” Kumar added. 

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