Accenture unveils NewsPage 9, built on SAP and targeting Asia

Accenture unveils NewsPage 9, built on SAP and targeting Asia

Consultancy giant leverages SAP PartnerEdge to commercialise offering

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Accenture has launched NewsPage 9, an integrated distributor management and sales automation system, in Asia Pacific following a strategic alliance with SAP.

Built on SAP Cloud Platform, NewsPage 9 provides an “integrated view” of consumer trends, secondary demand and supply chain management signals with a specific focus on growth markets such as ASEAN, China, India and Africa.

The offering is designed to help consumer products companies better manage traditional trade channels, promotions and sales processes, backed by the additional functionalities of SAP HANA.

“Built on SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP HANA service, Accenture NewsPage 9 will create a single source of customer data, with machine learning and micro-services that power real-time sales execution,” said Fabio Vacirca, senior managing director of Asia Pacific and Africa, Accenture.

“Our collaboration can better enable consumer products companies to capture new consumption in untapped traditional trade as well as complex, multi-layer supply chains, ultimately gaining revenue and profitability.”

As the most mobile region in the world, Vacirca said Asia “leads the global e-commerce charge” with over 25 million under-served retail outlets, representing opportunity for consumer products companies to “maximise growth, optimise costs and drive customer advocacy”.

From a features standpoint, NewsPage 9 includes distribution management, sales force automation and merchandising capabilities, in addition to providing streamlined inventory and sales processes.

“Accenture is committed to building solutions that help our clients drive greater efficiency and effectiveness through intelligence and integration,” Vacirca added.

Currently, NewsPage has over 160,000 users serving more 5000 distributors and three million retail outlets across 60 countries.

“Together with Accenture, we are jointly helping our customers win the front office by connecting the demand chain to the supply chain and enabling every part of the business to serve and retain their consumers,” said Scott Russell, president of Asia Pacific Japan, SAP.

“With next-generation route-to-market capabilities like Accenture NewsPage 9 that are built using SAP technologies, we can deliver on our commitment to help customers transform into intelligent enterprises, drive best-in-class experiences and thrive in the experience economy.”

With NewsPage 9, Accenture is leveraging the SAP PartnerEdge build engagement model, which offers solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to “design, develop, integrate and commercialise” applications under a single partner program.

NewsPage 9 was developed inAsia Pacific and will be distributed globally with plans in place to launch on SAP App Centre.

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