MSPs primed to capitalise on Asian appetite for mobility solutions

MSPs primed to capitalise on Asian appetite for mobility solutions

Region expected to house highest amount of mobility spending by 2023

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Services linked to mobility solutions is forecast to emerge as a “dominant and strategic element” for enterprise organisations in Asia Pacific, placing the channel at the heart of customer change.

According to GlobalData findings, the region is expected to house the highest amount of mobility spending by 2023, reaching US$16 billion within the next four years.

Of note to partners, managed mobility services and mobile application platform management will together account for the largest share, representing nearly 62 per cent of overall mobility revenue across the region.

“This will be mainly possible owing to artificial intelligence (AI) backed agile transformation capabilities for network operators, the ongoing evolution of the content system and the onset of connected devices ecosystem,” said Sunil Verma, lead analyst, GlobalData.

Credit: GlobalData

Verma said enterprise businesses “will continue to benefit” from enhancements in productivity and efficiency, driven by increased uptake of mobility services.

Owning largely in part to “well developed 5G network infrastructure”, alongside a larger portion of mobile workforce, GlobalData considers China, Japan and India as the three largest spending countries.

Combined, they are forecast to account for slightly more than two-thirds of the overall mobility revenue within the region in 2023.

“The evolution of digital technologies and the ongoing network enhancements will enable enterprises to transform the way they collaborate and communicate,” Verma added. “This will assist them in active workforce engagements and simultaneous lowering of the operating costs.”

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