Vietnamese businesses go global through FPT and Equinix

Vietnamese businesses go global through FPT and Equinix

Blockchain specialist MTX leverages service to launch in Singapore

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FPT has signed a strategic partnership with Equinix to allow Vietnamese companies to expand into overseas markets through enhanced regional and global connectivity.

The alliance is already paying dividends with MTX - a blockchain-enabled crypto-currency trading platform - leveraging the service to launch in Singapore as part of worldwide expansion plans.

Centred around Platform Equinix - an interconnection gateway for buyers and service providers - the move comes in response to increased demand for multi-cloud technologies across Southeast Asia.

“Over the years we’ve witnessed customers demanding for a more comprehensive solution that helps them resolve and improve multiple issues - equipment, configuration and colocation needs,” said Pham Duy Phuc, CEO, FPT Telecom International.

“Equinix’s global interconnection presence and reputation as the leading data centre provider worldwide enables us to address these changing customer needs by providing connectivity solutions on a regional and global scale.

“We’re glad to deepen this strong partnership with Equinix to enable and support the expansion of Vietnamese companies into overseas markets.”

The combined offering of FPT’s connectivity and Platform Equinix aims to provide local businesses, such as MTX, with regional and direct connectivity to expand outside of Vietnam.

MTX is leveraging “high-speed and low-latency connectivity” in Singapore to enable “smooth and fast transactions” of crypto-currency, as well as instant order settlement via its platform.

“We are proud that our long-term strategic partnership with FPT has enabled its customers to expand beyond the Vietnamese market,” said Yee May Leong, managing director of South Asia, Equinix, “The success with MTX also demonstrates the importance of a distributed interconnection platform in delivering secure, high-speed and low-latency blockchain services.

"Our highly advanced IT infrastructure and private connections make Equinix the perfect platform to complement the key attributes of blockchain applications."

MTX offers blockchain-enabled services, including crypto-currencies exchange, wallet services, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) and white label portal solutions.

Leveraging a combined FPT and Equinix offering, MTX is achieving high frequency trading (HFT) through a “5x increase” in crypto-currency transactions per second, from one million to five million transactions per second.

“With this entry into Singapore, we are hoping that this will pave the way for our expansion plans into Southeast Asia,” said Lê Phương Nguyên, COO, MTX.

“The combined solutions from both FPT and Equinix provide MTX with the connectivity that allows us to deliver tailored solutions to our customers on a global and local level, which in turn, allows end users to benefit from a much better user experience thanks to the high-quality and seamless services that we bring to the table as a white-label exchange solution provider.”

Partners since 2013, Equinix and FPT have an alliance which spans across Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

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