BlackBerry Cylance and Nexus strike global AI security deal from the Philippines

BlackBerry Cylance and Nexus strike global AI security deal from the Philippines

Security vendor leverages channel expertise in global agreement with International Container Terminal Services

Brian Hibbert (ICTSI)

Brian Hibbert (ICTSI)

Credit: ICTSI

Philippines-based International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI) has deployed BlackBerry Cylance technologies across all global business units, leveraging channel partner Nexus Technologies to bolster security defences.

As part of the agreement, the global port operations specialist is rolling out CylanceProtect across all business units in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, spanning thousands of network endpoints.

Headquartered in Manilla, ICTSI operates 32 ports in 18 countries, holding responsibility for ensuring that gateway ports allow cargo to move unimpeded.

“Economies never sleep, but neither do hackers,” said Brian Hibbert, CIO of ICTSI. “ICTSI helps to ship goods that power economies around the clock - relying on sophisticated technology for the secure planning and dispatching of every container.”

According to Hibbert, any delay in ICTSI’s operations, physical or cyber, directly impacts local economies. As a result, ICTSI required a solution that was “efficient, reliable and easy-to-manage” on a large scale, while addressing complex systems and endpoints.

“Every movement must be on time and secure to deliver the level of reliability we promise: 10 million times per year, twenty-four-seven,” Hibbert added. “Cyber security is our priority at ICTSI, and why we need equally sophisticated, AI-driven-technology like BlackBerry Cylance to protect our assets.”

ICTSI deployed the solution across a range of endpoints, from desktops to servers, using AI and machine learning algorithms to “detect, prevent and contain” existing and new malware.

Hibbert selected CylanceProtect because it was “easy to deploy”, in addition to consuming minimal resources on systems and consistently detecting malware threats.

“With such a diverse portfolio, we found that we had a diverse approach to endpoint security,” Hibbert explained. “Some sites were using signature-based AV tools, some were using free solutions. Others were using out-of-date technology.

“This was a huge risk to our organisation in today’s threat climate - so we applied a single unified approach to endpoint security across our portfolio, delivering significant time, complexity and cost savings for our business.”

Going forward, ICTSI is extending threat prevention capabilities by rolling out CylanceOptics, in a move designed to push all detection and response decisions down to the endpoint.

"Today, malware mutates daily, even hourly, making signature-based prevention tools obsolete,” said Evan Davidson, vice president of sales across Asia Pacific, BlackBerry Cylance. “In mission-critical industries such as shipping and ports, with legacy systems and connected networks and devices, organisations must think beyond traditional anti-virus.

“Together with our channel partner, Nexus Technologies, we are proud to help ICTSI move successfully from a traditional anti-virus model to an AI-driven, preventative approach to threat mitigation with CylanceProtect - ensuring the company is prepared for the next generation of threats.”

ICTSI operates in some of the world’s most remote locations, including the Democratic of Congo and Papua New Guinea, creating a need for a solution such as CylanceProtect which doesn’t require regular software updates.

“Vital industries like ports and maritime play a significant role in global economies - but this unfortunately also makes them a target for cyber criminals,” added Lionel Ting, vice president of Business Development, Nexus Technologies.

“As a leading enterprise reseller in the Philippines, we recognise the need for customers like ICTSI to embrace new technologies like AI and ML to mitigate risk and increase cyber-resiliency in a threat-rich environment.

“We are proud to partner with BlackBerry Cylance to deliver trusted, next-generation security for ICTSI along with rapid-response support, helping to protect systems so that they can focus on delivering efficient and secure services.”

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