AWS DataSync price slashed by over two-thirds

AWS DataSync price slashed by over two-thirds

Available in Sydney, as well as Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul

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Users of Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) DataSync can transfer data for less after the service has seen a reduction in price of 68 per cent to USD$0.0125 per-gigabyte.

The price cut, effective from November 1, 2019, is applicable to all DataSync customers using the service in AWS regions where DataSync is available. In the Asia Pacific region, this includes Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul.

DataSync is an online service to transfer data through the automation and acceleration of copied data between Network File System or Server Message Block file servers, Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon Elastic File System file systems.

The service allows for the migration of data, analysis and process through transferring and archiving and business continuity through replication.

The cost reduction does not apply for standard request, storage and data transfer rates to read and write from other AWS services, like Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and AWS Key Management Service.

Additionally, when copying data from AWS to an on-premises storage system, users have to pay for AWS Data Transfer, Amazon CloudWatch logs, Amazon Cloud Watch Events and Amazon CloudWatch Metrics at standard rates.

Interface VPC endpoints created to manage and control traffic between an agent or agents and the DataSync service through AWS PrivateLink will also incur additional billing.

This news follows the announcement by AWS that its AWS Lake Formation Service was made available in Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai in early November.

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