As Indonesia embraces digital, Synnex Metrodata sizes up channel growth

As Indonesia embraces digital, Synnex Metrodata sizes up channel growth

Distributor zones in on partner enablement

Lie Heng (Synnex Metrodata Indonesia)

Lie Heng (Synnex Metrodata Indonesia)

Credit: Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

Synnex Metrodata is targeting a strong year of growth through the channel in 2020 as Indonesia increases adoption of emerging technologies such as digital, cloud and security.

Such a focus will be centred around reseller enablement in an ecosystem housing more than 4500 partners across the country, backed by an expansive line-up of vendor solutions.

“Our top priorities centre around channel experience and focusing on bringing more value-added services to our partners,” said Lie Heng, director of Synnex Metrodata Indonesia. “This starts from solution training and enablement, to incentive programs and tailored channel enhancement and professional services.

“We are also providing a strong digital platform experience through our single platform for cloud, software and hardware procurement.”

In looking ahead to 2020, Lie Heng - when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia - said plans are in place for the distributor to expand technology offerings through the supply chain, in addition to enhancing partner engagement capabilities.

“We will provide an expanded portfolio that will enable the channel to be more unique in their solution offering, alongside improved integration with Synnex Metrodata and our comprehensive product portfolio,” he added.

“Improving and tailoring our partner program will also take place, in addition to benefiting partners that we work exclusively with, especially in partnership with financial institutions and through our digital platform business.”

In operating as a market leader in Indonesia, Lie Heng cited the importance of technology differentiation through hybrid cloud, as well as devices, analytics and security across both cyber and physical markets.

“We will offer more partner branded services to support and help our channel, whether this is for smaller partners to focus on customer enhancement or larger partners requiring additional resources to support implementation services,” he explained.

Synnex Metrodata serves more than 150 cities in Indonesia, offering over 70 vendor products through alliances with Dell Technologies, Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, in addition to Microsoft, Lenovo and Citrix among others.

Indonesian channel

The digital economy of Indonesia - billed as one of the most dynamic and fast-growing economies in Southeast Asia - is expected to account for 61 per cent of the country’s GDP by 2022. That's according to IDC, which released its top 10 predictions for the country's digital transformation journey in 2019 and beyond.

“Digitalisation is not confined to just one part of the enterprise, nevertheless, it is transforming major aspects of enterprises' offerings, operations, and relationships,” said Mevira Munindra, head of operations at IDC Indonesia. “These new technologies are changing paradigms for individuals, businesses, industries, economies, and governments.

“We see local enterprises continue to become more competitive in driving and accelerating DX in their organisation because IT and business leaders have started to acknowledge more of the digitalisation’s benefits in the corporate strategy.”

Specific to the channel, and according to Lie Heng, the major trends impacting the Indonesian market include the rise of cloud - expected to escalate further following the arrivals of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services - the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, in addition to the emergence of fintech and start-ups across multiple verticals.

“These are the major technology drivers in Indonesia,” he said. “Especially with the booming markets of fintech and start-ups, many traditional companies are being forced to change to be able to compete effectively.

“Another major trend that is impacting the Indonesian market is the government policy which is very supportive towards the digitalisation of businesses. This includes infrastructure which promotes IoT sectors such as new airports, terminals, public mass transport system and roads.

“Then we have digital infrastructure such as the ‘Palapa Ring’ that has just been formally established by our President which connects the Indonesian major islands with fibre optics under the sea to provide connectivity to the nation.”

As Indonesia rapidly advances towards becoming a digital nation, Lie Heng said customers are following in fast pursuit, placing new demands on the channel ecosystem.

"Customer demand regarding business model and technology changes will drive the channel to become more specialised,” he advised. “This includes the deployment of flexible business models with regards to OPEX, as well as the technology platform which they are selling.

“Specific to the cloud and OPEX, the channel will also be forced to change their internal incentive systems, business approaches and also enhance capabilities to compete with new born-in-the-cloud partners.”

On the flip side, Lie Heng acknowledged that partners remain challenged to evolve in an increasingly crowded Indonesian market, as the desire to become specialised places strain on the ecosystem.

“Channel partners in Indonesia will have opportunities in helping many companies in their digital transformation journeys,” he qualified. “Each customer is at a different stage, hence the opportunities are so broad, starting from modernising current infrastructure, technology and business process migration, through to digital services, consultation and implementation services."

In addition, Lie Heng cited cyber security as a strong area of growth for partners to pursue, especially through certification, training and education in processes and approach, rather than “just merely” products and tools.

“Another big opportunity in the coming years is in the government sector as the government also embarks on a digital transformation journey,” he advised. “The plan to move our capital city is also another opportunity that we, as in the IT Industry, can participate in to provide the infrastructure needed to create a smart capital city.”

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