Singapore partners size up $7.6B Salesforce opportunity

Singapore partners size up $7.6B Salesforce opportunity

Salesforce and ecosystem of partners to create ​8,500​ new direct jobs in ​Singapore​

Renzo Taal (Salesforce)

Renzo Taal (Salesforce)

Credit: Salesforce

Channel partners aligned to Salesforce in Singapore stand to capitalise on S$7.6 billion in new business revenue as the software giant assumes a local market stranglehold.

According to IDC findings, for every $1 that the vendor stands to make locally, the ecosystem will gain $6.57 by 2024, compared to the current $4.50 rate in 2019.

During the period, Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will also create an estimated 8,500 new direct jobs in Singapore - in addition to 17,000 indirect jobs - driven by increased demand for cloud solutions and services.

“Our ecosystem of customers and partners are driving transformation and change in Singapore on a scale that’s bigger than Salesforce,” said Renzo Taal, head of Asia at Salesforce. “More importantly, we are creating jobs. In the next five years, 25,500 jobs will be created in Singapore so expect to see the Singapore workforce take on these new job titles.”

The vendor’s ecosystem spans multiple stakeholders, including the world’s top five consulting firms with each housing prominent Salesforce digital transformation practices.

Independent software vendors (ISVs) that build businesses on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform are equally as crucial, through the deployment of Salesforce offerings into key market segments.

At a global level, more than 1200 community groups exist, with different areas of focus and expertise, alongside over 200 Salesforce MVPs, product experts and brand advocates.

Also central to growth in Singapore, and the global market, is Salesforce AppExchange. Launched in 2006, the platform is one of the world’s largest enterprise cloud marketplaces and hosts more than 4000 solutions including applications templates, bots and components.

With more than seven million downloads, 95 per cent of the Fortune 100, 81 per cent of the Fortune 500 and 88 per cent of Salesforce customers are using AppExchange solutions.

Meanwhile, Trailhead goes to market as the vendor's free online learning platform, designed to up-skill users through learning in-demand skills specific to Salesforce technologies. Since launching in 2014, more than 1.7 million Trailblazers have earned over 17.5 million badges of approval and certification.

“With all the new jobs that we are creating, it’s important that we close the tech skills gap as well as the inequality gap,” Taal added. “We need to empower everyone - regardless of race and gender - to learn skills needed to land a top job in the Salesforce economy.

“With Trailhead, all you need is an internet connection and a Trailhead account. The future of education is on-demand.”

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