FireEye strengthens alliance with Singapore cyber agency

FireEye strengthens alliance with Singapore cyber agency

Agreement aims to increase R&D investment

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FireEye has expanded its partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), leveraging Mandiant services to enhance protection capabilities.

The expanded scope is specific to research and development (R&D) related to cyber security, and will also include “capability building and the sharing of threat information”.

“In this highly-connected digital age, cyber attacks on one country can have major spillover effects, making international collaboration vital to tackling cyber security threats,” said David Koh, chief executive, CSA.

“We look forward to our enhanced partnership with FireEye to defend Singapore’s systems from cyber attackers. This partnership will also pave the way for us to develop innovative solutions to strengthen our cyber defences.”

As part of the agreement, FireEye design a six-week cyber intelligence and incident response training program to be conducted by the vendor’s “frontline experts” for CSA staff. The move will see Singapore join several other nations that have invested in a national capability development partnership with FireEye.

Specific to increased investment, FireEye will operate as an R&D partner with the purpose of “establishing higher barriers and costs” to cyber criminals.

Furthermore, the agency will leverage the vendor’s cyber threat Intelligence offerings, as well as market knowledge from Mandiant services specific to regional threat actors.

“Breaches are inevitable, and the impact of these events can be catastrophic,” said Eric Hoh, president of Asia Pacific, FireEye. “This is the case not only for companies, but for individuals and nations as well.

“Whether the activity we’re seeing is from cyber criminals or nation-state attackers, protecting Singapore from evolving cyber threats has become a matter of national security, and is an issue that both FireEye and CSA take very seriously.”

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