How True IDC transformed managed services in Thailand

How True IDC transformed managed services in Thailand

New location brings five data centre control facilities under one roof

Nakarapol Nipatsant (True IDC)

Nakarapol Nipatsant (True IDC)

Credit: True IDC

True Internet Data Centre (True IDC) has launched a new Regional Command Centre designed to enhance the technology provider’s managed services capabilities in Thailand.

The new facility brings the control, operation and surveillance centres of the five True IDC data centres under one roof, in a bid to streamline in-market capabilities.

The five data centres include North Muang Thong, Midtown Pattanakarn, Midtown Ratchada, East Bangna and Myanmar.

Further benefits centre around cutting down communication time while enhancing efficiency and speed through analysis of source problems to switch focus away from technology maintenance and onto customer requirements.

“From our 16 years of experience in managing data centres and cloud service, we’ve learned all about the strengths and issues which need monitoring to build a Command Centre which meets international standards, provides an efficient monitoring and management, and meets customers’ every needs,” said Nakarapol Nipatsant, head of product, True IDC.

“We are confident that we can bring our management of customers’ IT systems to a higher level to meet the fast-changing digital landscape.”

According to Nipatsant, the Command Centre has been rolled out to address two main objectives, the first being the creation of a facility capable of “controlling, monitoring and managing” the Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC), in addition to other units both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, the location will also act as a centralised point in monitoring managed services to manage customer IT systems, spanning data centre and cloud services.

Services include analysing customer needs before consulting, designing and then installing tailored solutions, backed up by enhanced monitoring and maintenance after deployment.

“This will lessen the IT responsibility and burden for the customer and allow the customer to digitalise their business easily and worry-free,” Nipatsant added.

Specific to managed services, True IDC goes to market across five core areas, spanning customer support and management of facilities, systems, network and security.

From a systems perspective, the centre will monitor the server and cloud service installed in the data centre as well as public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Huawei and Tencent. Meanwhile in security, expertise in DDoS protection and web application firewall will also be available for customers.

Founded in 2003, True IDC goes to market as a carrier neutral data centre and cloud service provider in Thailand.

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