Automation Anywhere acquires Klevops to improve RPA model

Automation Anywhere acquires Klevops to improve RPA model

The collaboration is claimed to allow for multiple automation tasks for multiple groups of humans and bots

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Robotic process automation (RPA) software vendor Automation Anywhere announced the acquisition of privately-held France-based company Klevops.

The acquisition means Automation Anywhere is able to offer Attended Automation 2.0, which according to the firm, allows for managers to overlook workstreams of employees and bots to result in more processes being automated, improving upon the virtual assistant model where one employee sends and receives information to and from a bot.

The integration of Klevops will allow for employees to set attended automation tasks over multiple groups of employees and bots, the business claimed.

This differs from unattended bots, which follow rules-based processes to complete tasks without human intervention.

Prince Kohli, chief technology officer at Automation Anywhere said by moving to Attended Automation 2.0, he considers this to be “a next-generation RPA solution that changes the way people work”.

“The acquired technology from Klevops will alter the dynamics between attended and unattended automation making it a foundational solution for companies scaling their automation initiatives across all industries,” Kohli said.

“This is especially relevant to contact centre-intensive industries like banking, financial services and telecommunications.”

Nicolas Piau, chief technology officer and co-founder of Klevops, said that their firm and Automation Anywhere’s missions of creating business value through human-to-bot collaborations were similar, which he said would lead to improvements in solving customer service challenges.

“We are delighted to join Automation Anywhere and believe this acquisition will allow us to address the inevitable demand for attended automation and the ability to automate a broader range of tasks,” Piau said.

Previously, Tim Ebbeck was appointed as Automation Anywhere's senior vice president and managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

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