Cisco revamps partner marketing offering

Cisco revamps partner marketing offering

Move designed to “connect and integrate” capabilities under one offering

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Cisco has expanded its Marketing Velocity offering through the channel in a bid to help partners acquire new customers.

The move is designed to “connect and integrate” the vendor’s existing capabilities under one offering, creating a “comprehensive program” to support partners in the process.

Specifically, the expansion will enable partners from an "end-to-end" perspective, from elevating marketing practices to delivering marketing funds to enablement tools to accelerate field activation.

“This is more than just bringing all of the partner marketing resources under one brand,” said Boon Lai, vice president of Global Partner Marketing, Cisco.

“It’s ultimately about integrating and up-levelling our partner’s marketing practices with an end to end solution to attract new customers, deliver more sales and drive profits. We are deeply committed to investing and accelerating our partners’ marketing expertise though this new platform.”

With over 62,000 partners globally and approximately 85 per cent of Cisco’s revenue going through the channel, Boon Lai said partners play a “critical role” with digital marketing becoming a "crucial component" of overall ecosystem success.

The expanded program consists of four components, spanning Cisco Marketing Velocity Learning; Cisco Funding for Marketing Velocity; Cisco Marketing Velocity Central and Cisco Marketing Velocity Activate.

Learning is an “education and empowerment gateway” created to drive growth of partner marketing practices through real-time access to marketing materials.

Velocity help partners perform everyday tasks with the Cisco Joint Marketing Funds (JMF) providing authorised channel partners with marketing funds to market the vendor's products and services they sell, in a bid to drive bookings through co-marketing initiatives.

Meanwhile, Velocity Central - formerly known as Partner Marketing Central - is a full-service marketing portal to assist partners in "performing and transforming". Boon Lai said this represents the partners’ "go-to spot" for free-to-use customisable campaigns featuring automated email journeys, both social media and website syndication and an enhanced marketing content library.

Furthermore, Activate is a new co-marketing service in limited-release with a select number of partners, acting as a program that combines business data and insight-driven joint planning together with Cisco and partner omni-channel journeys to "engage customers and drive revenue".

“This further evolution of Cisco Marketing Velocity displays how committed Cisco is to helping their partners to grow their digital marketing capability and more importantly outcomes,” added Steve White, program vice president of Channels and Alliances, IDC.

“Marketing Velocity was already a leading light in the partner marketing space, but these changes really do show that Cisco is the benchmark for marketing with partners.”

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