Airbus hands Tech Mahindra multi-year digital project

Airbus hands Tech Mahindra multi-year digital project

Strengthens engineering and digital solution portfolio

Interior of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Interior of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

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Airbus has awarded Tech Mahindra a multi-year digital contract centred on driving innovation through cabin and cargo engineering.

“Airbus is a strategic customer and partner of Tech Mahindra, and it has been our constant endeavour to develop innovative engineering and digital solutions for our customers,” said Karthikeyan Natarajan, global head of Engineering and IoT at Tech Mahindra.

According to Natarajan, Tech Mahindra aims to capitalise on the specialised skills and competencies in growing the company's cabin engineering business over the next few years.

As air travel continues to expand globally, Natarajan said airlines are looking to deliver "integrated comfortable and memorable", digital travel experiences through "cabin innovations".

Natarajan said the deal is a testimony of Tech Mahindra’s "strong innovative engineering and digital solution portfolio" that can drive digital transformation for customers globally in this space.

“This is a step towards further nurturing this key relationship and supporting Airbus in consolidating their global supplier base while driving business efficiencies and competencies in this process,” Natarajan added. “This will strengthen our aerospace engineering portfolio especially, in areas like cabin engineering and customer services.”

Going forward, Natarajan said Tech Mahindra is "betting big" on next generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to cyber security, robotics, automation, blockchain and 5G.

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