New Azure discount for CSP partners to come live in October

New Azure discount for CSP partners to come live in October

Price list will be based on US dollars across the world for "a consistent pricing"

Microsoft will introduce new discount for partners in the CSP program to help increase services-based profitability, as of October.

The changes are part of investments the vendor previously announced to offer new ways to differentiate when dealing with customers, more access to marketing and enablement resources and more ways to reach customers.

The CSP services managed discount will replace the current transactional margin for Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider program, according to Devesh Satyavolu, director of revenue and growth programs for One Commercial Partner at Microsoft.

"It will be given through a discount on the Azure CSP invoice to partners who are billed by Microsoft and are associated to the customer’s CSP Azure estate via admin access. Eligible partners also continue to be able to earn incentives in the new Azure experience in CSP," he added.

A single price list in American dollars will be used as to provide "a consistent pricing".

As part of the updates, Microsoft will also offer partners the ability to offer customers the latest innovations in Azure at the same time they’re available.

Microsoft will offer tools to ease the transition of customers from the current version of Azure in CSP and other programs to the new Azure experience in CSP as of October.

The current Azure CSP offer and platform will continue to be available alongside the new Azure experience for several months, Satyavolu said.

The company also announced a new agreement framework, with the Microsoft Partner Agreement replacing the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA) and Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA) from 1 September.

Also, the Microsoft Customer Agreement will begin to replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement for all customers served through the Cloud Solution Provider program from 1 October.

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