Thai government launches new cloud service with CAT Telecom

Thai government launches new cloud service with CAT Telecom

Also plans to open cloud computing courses for over 2,500 government officials

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Thailand has partnered with CAT Telecom to launch a new cloud service to be used by government agencies called the Government Data Centre and Cloud Service (GDCC) project.

There are also plans to open cloud computing orientation courses for over 2,500 government officials.

The country has continued to transform its economy through the adoption of the government's 'Thailand 4.0' policy, that aims to transition the nation into a more value-based economic model though the application of smart technology.

The Thai government is also looking to transform itself to be more agile and innovative in how it responds to an increasingly complex world.

The GDCC central government cloud project aims to transform the Thai government's approach to and use of IT across its many agencies, enabling them to use Tier 4 data centre standard with 99.99 per cent service level agreement (SLA) guaranteed uptime.

Thailand’s CAT Telecom was involved in the implementation of the project in collaboration with the government’s committee on digital for economy and society.

Specifically, the project will leverage a data warehouse to systematically integrate information across various departments, saving time, resources, and significantly reducing infrastructure costs, while improving government efficiency.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs is expected to manage the system while CAT Telecom was tasked with setting up the required data centres and infrastructure.

The roll-out follows Channel Asia news that Cloud Ace has established a local subsidiary in Thailand, as the Japan-based business expands operations into a fifth market across Asia Pacific.

Based in Bangkok, the move is designed to allow the Google Cloud specialists to expand the provision of its in-house artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platform, GennAI, to a wider market of customers.

Headquartered in Japan, Cloud Ace is currently expanding reach across Asia Pacific with offices also in Singapore, Vietnam, Jakarta and Taipei.

The business specialises in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) deployments, spanning system consulting, application development and technical training.

“In 2017, the Thai Government released its 20-year long-term vision for economic growth ‘Thailand 4.0’, and has been encouraging the market expansion of the ‘Digital Economy’, such as big data, data centre, cloud services, and one-stop platforms,” a company statement read.

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