Adapting to change in the Philippines

Adapting to change in the Philippines

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Jenny Diamzon (Westcon)

Jenny Diamzon (Westcon)

Credit: Westcon

I am a mother of two families: my corporate family where I oversee a dynamic group of 45 professional engineers, sales people and distribution specialists and my biological family - one child who is five and another who is just six months old.

Being a mother itself doesn’t feel too hard; it comes naturally for me.

But finding the balance and providing the right amount of love and care to my work family and to my children at home so that neither suffers - that is the real challenge.

My biggest enemy is time.

When I look back to when my second son was just born six months ago, I will admit those were the busiest days of my life; feeding a new-born, recovering from a c-section surgery, dealing with the many needs of the rest of my family as well.

All the while, my team at Westcon was expanding, hiring more people, winning more projects with more and more pressure to grow and execute.

In a developing market like the Philippines, things don’t always go to plan and you always need to be ready to adapt to change at any moment. This is why I have become a guidance counsellor for everyone in my team - helping them solve work and personal problems.

In order to do that I have to give a lot of time to a lot of people and I wonder sometimes if that is time I should be spending with my own children - especially the baby.

Sometimes, it seems spending two full days over the weekend with the kids just isn’t enough.

Luckily, working in the dynamic IT channel and in a company like Westcon is very rewarding - just as being a mother is rewarding.

The appreciation, the recognitions, the growth - despite the hard work in the office and at home - those are the rewards I get from my team, my boss, my husband and my kids.

Looking down at a happy baby who is smiling up at me or looking at my team celebrate after winning another reward, both give me feelings of joy and satisfaction

I’m no superwoman. At times, I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. But the rewards outweigh the suffering.

My passion and my excitement in my work and in my family fuel one another and push me forward.

Every time I leave home for office, I do it with a sense of love: love for my career, and love for my family. When I leave the office and I head for home, I feel the same way. In this way, I actually do feel like I can maintain balance in my life.

I thank God for my company, my career, my job, my life, my family and the one which makes them all possible together. My love and my passion.

Jenny Diamzon is country manager of Westcon Solutions in the Philippines

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