HGC transforms customer experience with Salesforce and Enxoo

HGC transforms customer experience with Salesforce and Enxoo

HGC-Salesforce-Enxoo collaboration aims to deliver connected personalised and digital customer experiences

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Hong Kong-based service provider HGC Global Communications (HGC) is set to collaborate with Salesforce and Enxoo to improve customer experience by optimising interactions and relationships with customers.

As a Salesforce platinum partner, Enxoo will bolster HGC’s digital transformation capabilities to deliver connected personalised and digital customer experiences, from web content, email and mobile messaging to digital advertising and more.

“We are excited to see how Enxoo for Communications helps HGC elevate the customer experience to the new levels and equips the company with a set of tools to make faster and better business decisions supporting dynamic expansion of the operator on the ICT market,” said Artur Ostrowski, chief commercial officer of Enxoo.

The collaboration will offer HGC a set of open and modular cross-segmentation tools, enabling the company to enhance its lead-to-order processes across all customer segments.

It will also facilitate much greater feasibility when responding to fast-changing customer needs, streamlining the provision of solutions for the firm’s customers internationally.

This is not the first time HGC has worked with Salesforce, as the firm also uses Salesforce’s Einstein Artificial Intelligence platform, providing it with customer insights, as well as access to advanced data analytics and reporting tools.

The service provider is then able to make proactive decisions to serve customers better and maintain long-term customer loyalty.

The open digital platform also allows HGC to use a single ecosystem to gain better visibility over the customer experience during the lead-to-order journey.

“Our collaboration with HGC on their digital transformation journey is rooted in our unified vision on customer centricity,” said Renzo Taal, senior vice president of Asia Pacific at Salesforce. “We are thrilled to be powering the digitisation efforts of HGC and bringing the best customer experience to every one of their customers, truly helping them connect to their customers in a whole new way."

Furthermore, the collaboration offers omni-channel, configurable product and service catalogues, flexible pricing tools and quoting capabilities as well as the ability to automatically generate and manage customer service orders.

This enables the company to respond quickly to customers' requests for prices and quote for complex solutions, providing greater flexibility and facilitating efficient business decisions.

Through this, multiple partners and customers can connect directly to access the provider’s pricing and sites and even place orders for its products and services.

This then allows customers to self-service and to automate their procurement and buying processes, as well as providing visibility to their own order status.

“We are passionate about delivering a new level of personalisation, new ways of engagement for our customers, and in supporting our staff to embrace digitalisation,” said Jacqueline Teo, chief digital officer of HGC.

“At every step of our digitalisation journey, HGC will strive to optimise our services and solutions and to equip ourselves to meet dynamic market needs in the digital era. In future, we will continue to further expand our ecosystem for much better customer experience."

HGC provides full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets.

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