AWS Direct Connect Service comes to Hong Kong via Equinix

AWS Direct Connect Service comes to Hong Kong via Equinix

Equinix now offers region-wide availability for AWS Direct Connect

Credit: Equinix

Amazon Web Services (AWS)' Direct Connect cloud service is now available in Hong Kong through Equinix’s Hong Kong International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre.

The addition of Hong Kong means Equinix now offers region-wide availability for AWS Direct Connect, spanning Asia Pacific.

“AWS continues to be a dominant player in today’s cloud infrastructure services space and we are delighted to expand our relationship with them,” said Kaushik Joshi, global managing director of strategic alliances at Equinix.

“Since 2016 we have seen a 350 per cent increase in customer connections to AWS via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, highlighting the significant adoption of cloud services that can offer cost and application performance benefits.

“It is a point of pride that we offer the most AWS Direct Connect onramps among our data centre peers."

The majority (63 per cent) of IT professionals in Hong Kong see cloud and hybrid IT as the most important to their organisation’s IT strategy, according to recent findings from IT Trends Report 2018: The Intersection of Hype and Performance.

AWS Direct Connect is offered through Equinix enabling customers to establish a secure connection between their network and AWS.

This allows customers to take advantage of "predictable" performance and user experience with low-latency, high bandwidth direct connections to AWS, as well as enhanced compliance by connecting privately to AWS and keeping data within region, without going over the public internet.

Furthermore, the service also allows customers to maintain private clouds and manage sensitive data within Equinix IBX data centres in proximity to AWS, in addition to flexibility, scalability and cost-savings benefits.

There are five data centres located on the Equinix Hong Kong campus, occupying more than 26,500 square metres of colocation space and hosting more than 505 companies across various industries.

Equinix customers, both in Hong Kong and throughout the world, can interconnect directly to other customers and partners in their digital supply chain, including dense ecosystems of more than 140 financial enterprises, over 80 global networks, as well as more than 125 IT and cloud service providers.

AWS Direct Connect is available to customers in Equinix IBX data centres across 27 strategic markets including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Furthermore, Equinix has continued to expand its reach across the APAC region, with the construction of a third and forth data centre in Singapore, with the forth data centre expected to be complete by the forth quarter of 2019.

Dubbed SG4, the new centre will cost an estimated US$85 million and will expand its interconnection and premium data centre services to local and regional businesses, capitalising on increased IT transformation and cloud adoption.

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