StarHub rolls out managed SD-WAN service to enterprise customers

StarHub rolls out managed SD-WAN service to enterprise customers

Telcos can capture value from offering fully managed services through network ownership and long-term customer relationships

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StarHub has launched a managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution through a next generation enterprise network alliance (ngena) partnership.

“Networking capabilities are crucial to the success of enterprises in the digital era, keeping business operations running and enabling employees to be productive,” said Dr Chong Yoke Sin, chief of enterprise business group, StarHub.

“We are very pleased that with our partnership with ngena, our customers can benefit from StarHub SD-WAN, a global network connectivity service that is secure, stable, scalable and easy to use while they depend on StarHub for local support."

Enterprises will benefit through not just an increase in productivity but also realise lower IT costs. Furthermore, since they will only have to deal with one service provider, they will also experience less friction and heightened ease of doing business, according to Dr Chong.

“We are also excited to enable our alliance partners to offer reliable, high-speed, and secure data connectivity services for their customers with Singapore-based operations,” Dr Chong added.

Local organisations who look to expand to overseas markets are expected to benefit most from StarHub’s new fully managed SD-WAN service, bringing with it increased network connectivity and the ability to scale.

Through its partnership with ngena, StarHub is also able to connect a single common platform that integrates all alliance partners’ networks. This allows the telco to offer end-to-end managed SD-WAN services to serve enterprises with geographically distributed operations.

Furthermore, as the service is controlled by software, enterprises can avoid investment in expensive routing hardware, enable faster network deployment at overseas office sites, and dynamically manage networking resources to adapt to changing business needs.

“It is a real privilege to have StarHub as partner of our global telecommunications alliance in Singapore, offering enterprise-grade SD-WAN services to their business customers in Asia,” added Alessandro Adriani, managing director, ngena.

“In addition, all ngena alliance partners get access to StarHub’s modern local network, thus being able to deliver world-class VPN services to Singapore-based businesses.

"We are really impressed by the agility and expertise of the StarHub team and we are going to see many new customers in Singapore using our joint SD-WAN solution."

The adoption of managed services is increasing, especially among SMEs, as more businesses embrace digital transformation, primarily due to these smaller organisations needing help maintaining their IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, telcos, such as StarHub, can capture value from offering fully managed services because of their advantages in network ownership and long-term customer relationships.

“Our enterprise business growth is largely driven by increasing demand for managed services, and we are excited to add SD-WAN service to our B2B line-up to drive this growth momentum,” said Dr Chong.

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