Red Hat rolls out certification program as more telcos adopt cloud

Red Hat rolls out certification program as more telcos adopt cloud

Program helps engineers develop skills to build and maintain core-to-edge telco clouds

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Red Hat has launched a new training and certification program in an effort to support the future development of the telecommunications industry.

The certified architect program in telco cloud has been designed to help engineers develop the necessary skills for building and maintaining core-to-edge telecommunications clouds.

The program aims to focus on skills development for telecommunications engineers towards building network function virtualisation (NFV) clouds, a component to help drive advanced services such as the next generation of telecommunications technology, 5G.

“To deliver the future of telco innovation, engineers and architects need the proper skill sets to use emerging technologies like cloud-enabled NFV and Linux containers to their fullest,” said Randy Russell, director of certification at Red Hat.

“The Red Hat Certified Architect Program in Telco Cloud is designed to help these individuals gain a greater understanding of the technologies and processes underpinning next-generation telecommunications infrastructure and provide them with the knowledge to bring these advancements to their respective organisations."

The highest certifications awarded by Red Hat are the certified architect in infrastructure and certified architect in enterprise applications.

Specifically, the telco cloud program has a certification path that is recommended for professionals in the telecom industry that will ultimately lead to the certified architect in infrastructure.

Therefore, engineers who take this program will gain the skills needed to build open, next-generation infrastructure that covers core to edge processes and technologies, enabling them to more effectively create full-scale network function virtualisation (NFV) clouds.

To qualify for the telco cloud program, participants must first become certified as Red Hat Certified Engineers, and then must earn a set of additional certifications.

Specifically, these include certified system administrator in Red Hat OpenStack, certified engineer in Red Hat OpenStack, certified specialist in Ceph Storage Administration, certified specialist in Ansible Automation, and certified specialist in Configuration Management.

Red Hat offers training aligned to all these certifications, available worldwide in a variety of self-paced and instructor-led options and languages.

In October 2018, Red Hat revealed it was set to be acquired by IBM in a US$34 billion deal, which is expected to be finalised in the second half of 2019.

The deal is expected to boost IBM's hybrid cloud capabilities, and will operate as an independent entity within the firm, according to IBM, committed to open source principles.

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