Malaysia impacted as EVT snaps up Zefflin Systems

Malaysia impacted as EVT snaps up Zefflin Systems

EVT has offices in the US, Malaysia and the UK

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Enterprise Vision Technologies (EVT) has acquired Zefflin Systems, snapping up the cloud management specialists in a move set to impact the Malaysian market.

The acquisition seeks to combine the expertise of an established value-added reseller with an agile cloud computing service provider, combining hybrid cloud and infrastructure capabilities in the process.

The move is also designed to merge software competencies, including Red Hat automation tools and the ServiceNow product suite.

While EVT is headquartered in the US, the system integrator has overseas offices in Malaysia and the UK.

“EVT’s presence and sterling reputation in the Fortune 500 is a perfect fit for our consulting practice and will enable us to significantly grow our service offering capabilities,” said Sam Melehy, CEO of Zefflin Systems.

“Our expertise in solving complex ITSM, cloud management and automation solutions is a value-add for today’s enterprise customers."

As a technical consulting and software company, Zefflin has capabilities in cloud automation, DevOps, ITSM and IT operations management (ITOM).

Furthermore, Melehy and the Zefflin team bring long-standing relationships with key software providers including ServiceNow and Red Hat.

As a ServiceNow sales and services partner, alongside a Red Hat advanced business partner, Zefflin brings with it accreditations and certifications in ServiceNow ITOM and ITSM and Red Hat CloudForms, OpenShift, Ansible Ceph Storage and Openstack.

The firm also focuses on data centre automation, cloud management, implementation and integration.

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