Nimbus looks to security remediation for managed services growth

Nimbus looks to security remediation for managed services growth

Significant rise in security incidents and data breaches across Asia

Sreedhar Kakade (Nimbus Services)

Sreedhar Kakade (Nimbus Services)

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Singapore-based Nimbus Services has outlined new market potential in providing security remediation expertise through managed services, as customers seek deeper levels of protection.

Cyber security is of significant concern for organisations, particularly the smaller enterprise who may not have the resources to adequately protect themselves.

“There is a huge opportunity in managed services in the area of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT),” said Sreedhar Kakade, sales director of APAC at Nimbus Services, when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia.

“Once the VAPT report comes out, sometimes, they are not aware on how to fix it. This is where they need help and we can offer remediation services."

The past year has seen a significant rise in security incidents and data breaches, particularly in Asia, where security firm Kaspersky Lab found to be the epicentre of global advanced persistent threat (APT) operations.

In Singapore, in recognition of importance of cyber security, the government recently added cyber defence as the sixth pillar in its total defence framework.

VAPT consists of two tests, a penetration test - which attempts to determine whether unauthorised access or other malicious activity is possible through exploiting vulnerabilities in a system and identify which flaws pose a threat to the application - and a vulnerability assessment.

The vulnerability assessment aims to discover which vulnerabilities are present in the system, however, they do not differentiate between flaws that can be exploited to cause damage and those that cannot.

In this regard, both tests complement one another, providing insights into threats and guidance to the IT professional on how to remedy the security vulnerabilities, which Kakade sees as a significant opportunity for MSPs to offer remediation services.

However, competition is strong, and a provider such as Nimbus Services will need to find ways to offer a differentiated service to standout from the competition.

“The competition is very fierce as companies are on par with one other,” said Kakade, elaborating that “key differentiators are deep expertise in the products and services offered to solve the customer’s business challenges.

“Going the extra mile to solve other technical challenges the customer is facing which will gain their trust,” he added.

Kakade adheres to Nimbus being a “one-stop shop” to meet most of their customers software security needs, aiming to offer more software security products in 2019 coupled with services such as penetration testing.

“Our unique value proposition is superlative response and support,” said Kakade. “We respond to our customers inquiries within minutes or a couple of hours.

“We have got positive feedback from most of our customers on our response times and they love to work with us."

As new technologies hit the market, Kakade employs a “wait and watch” approach, as not all technologies will be embraced by their customer base, emphasising the importance of targeted investments.

“There are a lot of unknowns,” said Kakade, “and there is a calculated risk taken by the business along with a mitigation plan.”

Automation enhancements

From a customer’s perspective, Kakade sees a constant search for increased productivity through automation uptake across the industry with the intention of streamlining IT processes.

“We find ways to shorten the cycle-time but still maintain the quality in our deliverables,” said Kakade. “Technology plays a very important role in our business strategy.”

The customer is moving increasingly towards artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, according to Kakade, while consolidating on fewer tools in the product space.

Kakade also sees greater adoption and migration to cloud technology, as smaller organisations become more comfortable with the move and traditional concerns around data storage and security are settled.

However, 2019 will not be without its challenges, according to Kakade, as Nimbus seeks new customers in an increasingly competitive market across Asia Pacific (APAC).

Another challenge will be convincing regional customers to embrace managed services and demonstrate their value and what they can offer clients.

Furthermore, as new technologies such as blockchain, big data and AI spread across the industry, Kakade sees a greater need to invest both time and resources in developing the necessary expertise across these new areas.

For the channel partner, in particular, a “key challenge will be to have a stable and a profitable relationship with the vendors,” said Kakade, and to “spread awareness among the customers that the usage of new technologies is beneficial.”

Furthermore, “vendors need to go deeper in regards to their products,” said Kakade. “They need to provide a proof-of-concept and training along with case studies to the customers.”

“Write technical white papers based on the experience and share it with the technology provider,” added Kakade, on how vendors can can better support partners.

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