CrowdStrike unveils new program tiers for resellers

CrowdStrike unveils new program tiers for resellers

Spans four tiers; associate, resell focus, resell elite and partner security service

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CrowdStrike has launched a new tiered reseller program, designed to enhance revenue streams through the delivery of partner-provided services and solutions.

Under the banner of Elevate Partner Program, the roll-out aims to provide boost support sales and profitability through improved partner engagement.

The program covers four tiers, including associate, resell focus, resell elite, and partner security service.

“The updated CrowdStrike Elevate Partner Program, a tiered benefits program for CrowdStrike partners, establishes a framework for resellers to effectively leverage their partnership with CrowdStrike to accelerate sales and introduce new revenue stream opportunities,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide business development and channels, CrowdStrike.

According to Polly, the program adopts a “whole-ecosystem” approach, incorporating security solutions with go-to-market models.

Specifically, the program provides six-paths to drive engagement and profitability, spanning; channel, technology alliances, managed security service providers (MSSPs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), CrowdStrike Platform and cloud procurements.

“At CrowdStrike, partners are a core part of our business, allowing us to reach more customers and meet the global demand for our technology," Polly added.

"With today’s announcement, we actively expand on opportunities and build on mutual successes, while delivering more benefits, enablement, and rewards for our ecosystem of partners."

Such enhancements also aim to allow partners to better tailor and differentiate offerings to customers.

“As a leading security solutions integrator, Optiv is committed to helping our clients plan, build, and run holistic and successful outcome-based cyber security programs,” said Todd Weber, vice president of partner research and strategy, Optiv, a member of the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner.

“People, process, and technology all play equally large roles in optimising and rationalising an enterprise’s existing, and sometimes outdated, system architecture.

"Combining Optiv’s ‘inside-out’ approach with CrowdStrike’s cloud-based endpoint security platform enables organisations to start with risk mitigation and build out from there to modernise security at the network level.

"This is intended to help clients move from constantly putting out fires to proactively enabling their businesses."

The update comes as more customers look to partners, and MSSPs in particular, to fulfil security needs due to rising requirements, combined with costs and compliance.

“We are excited to be a member of the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner program and provide our customers with the ability to effectively prevent, detect and respond to threats, including sophisticated intrusions,” said Larry Pfeifer, president of Consortium Networks.

“CrowdStrike’s compelling platform approach to delivering the full suite of endpoint protection capabilities, all through a single agent, is completely unique in the industry and aligns with customers’ needs to reduce enterprise complexity without compromising threat protection and the user experience."

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