Dimension Data deploys Cisco to transform major Indonesian retailer

Dimension Data deploys Cisco to transform major Indonesian retailer

Retailer will now be able to reduce its operational expenditure by 60 per cent

A major retailer has chosen Dimension Data to implement a cloud-based SD-WAN solution with Cisco to efficiently operate over 450 stores across Indonesia.

“In a competitive industry like retail, businesses can no longer undermine the importance of maximising operational and cost efficiencies to keep up with consumer demands for a high-quality experience,” said Hendra Lesmana, country general manager of Dimension Data Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with a giant in Indonesia’s retail industry, as well as our long-term partner, Cisco, on this deployment.

"We believe that this implementation will continue to deliver positive outcomes for the business, aiding their expansion plans."

The problem the retailer faces is that their current network implementation is not conducive to aggressive growth ambitions across Indonesia, which in the end increases operational costs and has a negative impact on customer experience.

Through a legacy system, the retailer required several months to open a new store due to the fact that the leased line provider they used required that amount of time to set up the fibre optic link.

Furthermore, each of the stores also utilised different devices, prompting further challenges in performance monitoring.

To address these concerns, the retailer required a solution that could provide high connectivity across its stores and enable real-time inventory updates, as well as a seamless single dashboard management for all its stores.

As such, the time required to open a new store had to be drastically reduced in order to realise their business expansion plans.

As a result, the retailer appointed Dimension Data as their IT partner of choice for the project, tasked with the management, design and implementation of the end-to-end SD-WAN solution.

Through this upgrade the retailer required only two days to open a new store, compared to several months, previously.

The retailer also required access real-time data from its stores from a centralised data hub, while enjoying high speed internet over a secured network.

The SD-WAN offering (utilising a fully redundant internet link) uses broadband internet, along with a 4G LTE solution where both connectivity links serve as an active-active solution, to ensure zero downtime.

As a result, the retailer’s IT department no longer needs to spend extensive time and resources on facilitating IT roll-out at new stores.

The new implementation also results in approximately 97 per cent improvement in go-to-market support and strategy for the retailer, in terms of opening new stores in new geographical areas quickly and efficiently.

In the end, Dimension Data was selected for its deep understanding of the client’s business needs, achieved through dedicated proof-of-concept and joint requirement gathering and solution workshops.

Specifically, the retailer will now be able to reduce its operational expenditure (OPEX) by 60 per cent, leading to more predictable savings.

With this implementation, along with increased store network availability, the SD-WAN’s application-based Quality of Service (QoS) policy settings ensure accurate real-time sales and stock inventory data transfer, allowing the retailer to make improved business decisions dynamically.

In addition to doubling the internet bandwidth, the infrastructure also accounts for secure connectivity from the store to the data centre, with an automatic and scalable VPN solution that connects remote sites with ease, supported by AES encryption that ensures data privacy.

The system integrator (SI) has been on an expansion drive recently, working with a “luxury goods conglomerate” to manage their day-to-day management of networking and connected devices, and assisting them to migrate their global network operations to Singapore, saving costs and manpower requirements of maintaining a worldwide infrastructure.

Furthermore, In August, the SI was selected following a competitive tender process to help develop the regional cyber security strategy of a major regional utility giant.

The technology provider was responsible for the system integration, as well as the testing and management of the security solutions of over 100 devices, including next-generation firewall, advanced threat protection solutions, servers and security information and event management tools.

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