Sigfox launches Malaysia’s first IoT network through Xperanti

Sigfox launches Malaysia’s first IoT network through Xperanti

Sigfox’s IoT enablement network has now been deployed across 54 countries.

French Ambassador to Malaysia Frédéric Laplanche (left) accepting a token of appreciation from Nallen Singhe, founder, Xperanti IoT (right)

French Ambassador to Malaysia Frédéric Laplanche (left) accepting a token of appreciation from Nallen Singhe, founder, Xperanti IoT (right)

Xperanti IoT has entered into a partnership with French service provider Sigfox to launch Malaysia’s first licensed nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Officially launched at Sunway iLabs on November 13, the partnership will offer businesses and consumers alike the option to subscribe to Sigfox’s communications services across Malaysia.

“This is news that will change the industrial environment of this country,” said Frédéric Laplanche, French Ambassador to Malaysia, who attended the launch ceremony. “It provides one more reason to invest in Malaysia because now there is an IoT-enabled environment for investment in this country.”

Malaysia is the latest country to deploy Sigfox’s IoT enablement network which has now been deployed across 54 countries.

The nationwide IoT network will be rolled out based on high demand areas such as urban and industrial areas, for instance.

The objective is to enable operational excellence through cost effective and sustainable IoT solutions via Xperanti’s ecosystem of partners.

“Sigfox views Malaysia as a strategic market for IoT given its strengths in agriculture, raw materials, manufacturing and technology developments, as well as being a regional logistics hub connecting China with Southeast Asia and beyond,” said Roswell Wolff, president of Asia Pacific at Sigfox.

As a local partner, Xperanti will aid enterprises across Malaysia to develop purpose-built IoT solutions that are practical and scalable and to support the adoption of Industry 4.0, particularly in key sectors such as agriculture, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas and aviation.

Furthermore, earlier in 2018, in a bid to help assimilate industry 4.0 into Malaysia’s aviation industry, Xperanti signed a partnership agreement with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), making MAHB the first major organisation in the country to commit to fully adopting IoT as a part of their modus operandi.

“With Xperanti and Sigfox helming this project, we are expecting to completely revolutionise the airport experience within a few years,” said Radin Asrul Adza, general manager of information technology division, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad.

“We want the passengers to feel the touch of personalisation and connectivity in our airports, from scheduling, to baggage tracking, to basics like cleanliness and efficiency.

"Hopefully, we can be an example to other organisations in Malaysia with regards to the value of IoT technology working hand-in-hand with companies."

Also highlighted was a partnership agreement between Xperanti and Strand Aerospace for a POS Aviation project.

The collaboration includes various enterprise IoT projects with customers in the aviation and construction industries - the partnership will also establish innovation collaborations between the two companies.

“Our goal is to bridge the digital divide here in Malaysia,” said Nallen Singhe, founder, Xperanti. “The network is built and designed to enable sustainable IoT solutions for an ecosystem of partners to support Industry 4.0.

“We are here and have already deployed this nationwide purpose-built IoT network and we are confident in exceeding our customers’ expectations with the solutions we offer."

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