Following a three-year transformation, Certis shifts security gears

Following a three-year transformation, Certis shifts security gears

Security specialist opens new integrated operations centre in Singapore

Paul Chong (Certis)

Paul Chong (Certis)

Credit: Certis

Certis has completed a three-year transformation from a physical guarding services provider to an operations technology outsourcing partner, with expanded capabilities to deliver advanced security solutions.

“The new Certis is about security+,” said Paul Chong, president and group executive chief officer of Certis. “We combine advanced security, facilities management and customer service into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology.

“Security+ helps our customers to break down what are otherwise separate silos within their organisations, to realise synergies and provide new and better user experiences to their customers.

"We have many years of experience running operations for our customers. This is what makes Certis a truly unique ops-tech outsourcing partner, and enables us to drive greater value and create a competitive advantage for our customers."

Furthermore, the security specialist opened a new integrated operations centre (IOC) in Singapore, dubbed Certis Commonwealth, at Commonwealth Lane near Queenstown, equipped with data sensors and data analytics tools as a means to improve the organisation’s situational awareness and inform better decision making.

Opened by Singapore’s minister for finance, Heng Swee Keat, the specialist designed the new building to be a living lab, enabling new technology to be tested and operationalised in a ‘live’ environment.

It was further revealed that the new centre was designed and built on a ‘digital twin’ framework enabling the security specialist to improve operational efficiency, drive process optimisation and enhance service excellence through having a digital replicate of the physical space in a versatile format for simulation and continual optimisation.

Additionally, the new IOC building will be home to the Certis’ executive briefing centre (EBC) with the aim of providing customers with a personalised first-hand experience of the smart hub capabilities, integrated operations, technology processes and the scalable solutions that interest them.

The organisation’s journey to an operations technology outsourcing partner aims to inculcate there key changes and additional capabilities, namely, to embed design thinking in the specialist’s organisational culture, built in-house technology and systems integration expertise, and expanded facilities management integrated concierge and customer service into operations.

Furthermore, to mark the completion of this transformation exercise, the specialist refreshed its visual identity with a change of logo with plans to roll the rebrand out to its products, communications and experiences.

“Our global team is united in our vision to make the world a safer, smarter place,” said Chong. “We work hard to deliver peace of mind to our customers, and the customers they serve.”

“Our Security+ approach is highly relevant in today’s heightened security landscape. It is timely for our brand identity to reflect the company that we have become."

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