Turning 10: inside the first decade of

Turning 10: inside the first decade of

ISV transforms into global business managing over $20 billion worth of assets

Scott Frew (

Scott Frew (

Credit: Christine Wong

The year of 2008 will be remembered for Barack Obama entering the Whitehouse, Usain Bolt bursting onto the scene in Beijing and Yahoo rejecting a blockbuster acquisition bid from Microsoft.

Since then, five Prime Ministers have held office in Australia, a global recession hammered the world and the Wallabies have failed to win back the Bledisloe Cup.

A decade is a long time in politics, technology, sport and indeed the world, stretching 3650 days, or just over 521 weeks.

But back in 2008, a fledgling independent software vendor (ISV) was building a global empire in Australia, going it alone after separating from locally owned Distribution Central.

Under the banner of, a channel-focused renewals platform was born.

“When I set out to build our platform, there was nothing like it on the planet and it still is one of very few true ecosystem offerings,” recalled Scott Frew, CEO of

“Much of the last 10 years has been educating the markets we serve on the problem that exists in their business and how critical it is to get the control of their product lifecycles.”

The business actually began as a tool in 2004, designed to address the challenges Distribution Central was experiencing through renewals processes.

After driving growth for the Sydney-based distributor for four years, Frew made the decision to allow the platform to operate independently, in a bid to capture the wider channel market globally.

Since then, has transformed into a worldwide business, operating as a product lifecycle management platform for the channel, managing over $20 billion worth of assets in the process.

As explained by Frew, the total value of current cloud consumption contracts being tracked totals over $1.5 billion, while total non-cloud revenues generated and booked through the platform has surpassed the $8.8 billion mark.

Furthermore, over $20 billion of assets are geo-tracked across the planet through the platform.

Key customers include VMware, McAfee. Nutanix and Arrow, alongside Honeywell, Fujitsu and FlexiGroup, backed up by sales teams across Asia Pacific, North America and EMEA.

“The most satisfying part is that every customer we have implemented has seen substantial cost savings and significant increases in revenue,” Frew added. “My favourite though, is one of our vendor customers who achieved a ROI in just 95 minutes.

“I am very proud of my team and the platform we have built and we will continue to drive innovation through all levels of the channel.”

During the past decade, Frew said has continued to evolve due to a “dedicated team of developers”.

Recent milestones include the launch of Solano, a cloud billing engine for resellers and service providers, as well as InGRID, a predictive analytics tool leveraging artificial intelligence.


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