Indonesia’s Telkomsel partners with Kinetica in data-driven push

Indonesia’s Telkomsel partners with Kinetica in data-driven push

Data usage is exploding across the Indonesian's market driven by the always-on mobile era

Data collected and analysed for Jakarta's smart city project

Data collected and analysed for Jakarta's smart city project

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Indonesian telecommunications provider Telkomsel has partnered with data specialist Kinetica to adopt a data-driven approach to improve the customer experience and drive real-time financial and business reporting.

“The rapid growth in mobile devices, digital users, and the micro-services nature of prepaid across the Indonesian market has led to exponentially more data generated than ever before,” said Montgomery Hong, CIO at Telkomsel.

“This influx of extreme data presents a massive opportunity to develop new, personalised, digital lifestyle experiences for Indonesian consumers.

“Unlike traditional database solutions, the Kinetica engine is purpose-built for extreme data and provides real-time data analysis and location intelligence across our business, from Prepaid and Postpaid mobile to Digital Lifestyle Services (Video, Gaming, Music), to Mobile Financial Services, and Digital Advertising for starters."

Specifically, the specialist was selected for its ability to act as a converged engine for accelerated analytics, location-based visualisation and artificial intelligence.

As connectivity continues to rise with the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and more data than ever being collected and increasing analysed at the edge of the network, data specialist partners like Kinetica are becoming increasingly important.

The data collected today is increasingly complex, big or small, static or streaming, structured or unstructured, long-lived or perishable, human or machine, and so on.

Databases that were built for a previous era where data was siloed and computing was serial rather than parallel are not able to keep pace with today’s developments where insights from the data need to be nearly instantaneous.

What is needed is a capability that enables customers to build a new class of data-driven applications to address these challenges.

“Telkomsel is a stellar example of a mobile operator embracing innovative technologies and harnessing the power of extreme data,” said Paul Appleby, CEO at Kinetica. “Data is central to digital lifestyle experiences and mobile businesses can no longer rely on legacy big data platforms analysing data after the fact.

"As companies such as Telkomsel get digitally transformed, they will need to embrace new applications that combine streaming IoT, advanced analytics, and the power of AI in a converged solution."

Kinetica’s has developed an instant insight engine that runs on NVidia GPUs and NVidia DGX systems which provide real-time analytics on data - in motion and at rest - 10 to 100X faster than traditional systems, and at one-tenth of the cost.

"The combination of NVidia and Kinetica for Telkomsel delivers breakthrough data-driven customer experiences at speeds that previously were not possible,” said Raymond Teh, vice president of APAC at NVidia.

“By selecting the potent combination of Kinetica on NVidia GPUs, Telkomsel benefits include an expanded and optimised network as well as real-time financial and business reporting."

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