EY officially opens wavespace co-innovation hub in Singapore

EY officially opens wavespace co-innovation hub in Singapore

Designed to help clients catch the next ‘wave’ of business transformation

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EY has expanded its network of wavespace centres with the official opening of its 8,000 sqft Singapore ‘spoke’, located in the central business district at 77 Robinson Road.

Launched last year, EY’s wavespace centres were set up to promote a collaborative approach between technologists, business strategists and designers with Singapore being one of 18 EY wavespace centres globally.

With distributive technologies coming onto the market at an ever-increasing rate, the business landscape has become increasingly difficult to navigate.

Designed to help EY’s clients catch the next ‘wave’ of radical breakthroughs in business transformation, the Singapore spoke of this global network aims to tap into the firm’s deep expertise and experience to co-innovate the next breakthrough.

“Singapore is a strategic location for our investment in the new wavespace centre,” said Max Loh, managing partner of ASEAN and Singapore at EY.

"We believe that wavespace will play an enabling role in driving greater digital agility in Singapore-based businesses, as the country seeks to develop an innovation-driven economy and entrance itself as the commercial and financial hub for businesses spring-boarding into the region."

Each wavespace centre will have its own niche and set of specialities with each spoke capable of drawing on the expertise of EY’s wider global network of wavespace centres and the wider expertise within the professional services firm.

The Singapore centre will focus on disruptive technologies related to intelligent automation, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA), among other digital capabilities.

EY partners many of the regions leading vendors including organisations such as Microsoft, where the professional services firm was recently awarded the Microsoft's Azure partner of the year for artificial intelligence and analytics.

“Through wavespace, we hope to contribute to the cross-pollination of ideas and transfer of knowledge to drive the capability development of talents in digital, creative and experience design - skills that are becoming highly relevant in the thriving digital economy in Singapore and across Southeast Asia,” said Loh.

As one of the most established financial hubs in the Asia Pacific (APAC), Singapore is at the epicentre of new regional innovation and connectivity.

The region, however, still possess a multitude of challenges, including cross-border complexity in terms of regulation, varying levels of political maturity, technology development and advancement.

“Increasingly, organisations in APAC are driving the world’s most exciting innovations that will transform businesses and ultimately society to deliver great efficiencies and benefits,” said Will Duckworth, digital leader of APAC at EY.

“New technology is shaping the way local and international companies do business, and international collaboration and connection are key to help them succeed in a fiercely competitive and disruptive world."

The opportunities to collaborate with EY through these wavespace centres varies from one-day immersion workshops to longer-term projects or at so-called ‘pop-up’ centres on-site at the clients’ locations.

“The ability to create a new and innovative business model depends on putting together new ideas, capabilities or technology,” said Jonathan Rees, digital leader of ASEAN at EY.

"EY wavespace offers a collaborative environment where our clients can work with our people to co-develop practical solutions to real-world problems, supported by new technology and connectivity that is aimed to facilitate new and better ways of thinking and working."

EY opened its first wavespace centre in APAC in Shanghai in July with Singapore’s wavespace centre its second. Two more wavespace centres are planned this year with one planned for Hong Kong and another for Sydney.

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