ServiceNow partners with Enable in Scoot’s digital transformation

ServiceNow partners with Enable in Scoot’s digital transformation

Enable are a key strategic gold partner for ServiceNow in the Asia Pacific region

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As customer engagement and service becomes a competitive advantage in today’s airline business, Scoot is looking to ServiceNow to help digitally transform its business and how it serves its customers.

As the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines, Scoot has extensive regional connections, flying regularly to 66 destinations across 18 countries and territories.

The decision to adopt ServiceNow’s platform as a ‘one-stop shop’ for IT and HR service management stands to benefit an estimated 2,000 employees.

“Our organisation’s vision is for our team to be where our customers are, at a time of their convenience and we are determined to leverage digital innovations and technology to best connect our employees with our customers,” said Theresa Tan, vice president human resources at Scoot.

“A big part of this is keeping our employees informed, motivated and empowering the teams to take ownership to serve the customer.

“By choosing ServiceNow to create employee profiles and manage requests more efficiently and holistically, we can continue to build on staff engagement levels."

To realise this project’s vision, ServiceNow partnered with Enable Professional Services, a key strategic gold partner for the software vendor in the Asia Pacific region, and one of 44 gold partners globally.

“This project has been about bold and collaborative digital transformation,” said Bruce Hara, CEO at Enable Professional Services. “For Scoot employees, the ServiceNow HR service delivery experience will be the next level in the company’s digital culture.

“HR service delivery will allow Scoot’s highly distributed workforce to have a consistent and exceptional engagement experience. More simply, it will improve the ease with which Scoot’s people can do their jobs.

“For Enable, this project is another example of our thriving partnership with ServiceNow in South East and North Asia. It also upholds our approach to workplace digital transformation: we advise on digital culture and readiness, do the job well, and iteratively improve the user experience based on feedback."

As a low-cost airline, it is important for their bottom line that they operate a lean agile team, this is where digital transformation really shines, enabling a lean team such as Scoot’s to operate unhindered by their lack of human resource.

Through technology, Scoot’s team now has primarily a mobile-first experience, facilitating a direct line to both IT and HR especially for cabin crew and pilots who are often in the air or in another country.

Furthermore, adopting such technology also drives more meaningful collaboration and ownership making not just the airliner a more attractive place to work but additionally improving talent retention.

The technology that ServiceNow provides will enable the airliner’s HR department to track requests and set service level agreements for response times, resolution times and closure rates.

“The platform will encourage our HR teams to treat employees as customers, as well as motivating and empowering our employees to ‘own’ their work and projects,” said Tan.

It is expected that these improvements will motivate Scoot’s employees to apply similarly high standards to interactions between the airline and its customers.  

Scoot is implementing ServiceNow IT service management and ServiceNow HR management, with a unified front end providing a single access point for employees and administrators.

“Scoot had relied on a range of systems overseen by different stakeholders to address the diverse needs of its employees,” said Mitch Young, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific and Japan at ServiceNow.

The airline had no way of tracking whether requests had been followed up on or resolved and there was also no overview of employees’ needs or requests.

“With ServiceNow, Scoot is providing a centralised, cloud-based service management platform to its staff that addresses these concerns and positions the airline to embrace the potential of automation and a digital future,” added Young.

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