Deloitte is on the acquisition hunt, and Google Cloud partners are next

Deloitte is on the acquisition hunt, and Google Cloud partners are next

Consultancy firm to continue buying spree across the channel

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Deloitte is on the acquisition hunt in search of Google Cloud partners across Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region, as the tech giant seeks specialist expertise.

Revealed during Google Cloud Summit in Sydney, the consultancy firm unveiled plans to continue its buying spree across the channel, with a deepened focus on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“Yes absolutely, we’re looking to buy into the Google partner space,” said Peter Ryan, partner at Deloitte, who leads the company’s enterprise applications division, spanning SAP, Oracle, Google and Microsoft technologies.

“We restarted our practice in 2012, started with SAP and carried out acquisitions alongside that.

“Next we looked at Oracle and made acquisitions around that space also. It’s very much been a process of acquisition, acquisition, acquisition from our perspective.

“But the only area we’ve not been able to acquire in is within the Google ecosystem for various reasons, so we’re open to that for sure.”

The public declaration comes days after Deloitte closed two acquisitions in a week in Australia, enhancing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure capabilities in the process.

As reported by ARN, the advisory firm bought Brisbane-based partners CloudTrek and Mexia, in a bid to bolster cloud credentials within the enterprise market.

According to Ryan, Deloitte is searching for suitable Google Cloud acquisition targets across Asia Pacific as a whole, also including markets on the fringe of the region.

“We’re looking across Asia Pacific including Japan and India also,” Ryan added.

In July, Deloitte in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Southeast Asia announced a coming together to create Deloitte Asia Pacific, forming a consultancy powerhouse across the region.

According to the advisory firm, the move will allow for greater investment and focus on Deloitte's customers across the region.

Together, the five geographies will invest an additional US$321 million over the next three years, designed to enhance Deloitte's ability to serve global, national and private market customers.

As a result, Deloitte Asia Pacific now has almost 44,500 partners and people, with the potential to create a US$10 billion business by 2022.

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