KPMG strikes deal with Arctic Security in Singapore

KPMG strikes deal with Arctic Security in Singapore

Both parties collaborate on training cyber security professionals

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KPMG has signed a one-year agreement with Arctic Security in Singapore in an effort to boost regional security talent.

The agreement will see both parties collaborate on training cyber security professionals specifically on threat detection and response using Arctic Security’s AbuseSA Threat Intelligence (CIT) platform and the facilities at KPMG’s Cyber War Gaming Training Lab.

Trainees will then be able to simulate actionable threat intelligence and incidences improving their response time and skillset - they will also be able to leverage the advisory’s expertise in digital forensics and incident response.

"We welcome this collaboration with Arctic Security,” said Eddie Toh, partner of cyber security at KPMG in Singapore.

"Using real-time data and scenarios for training conducted in our Cyber Lab will lend a sense of realism to the training and benefits professionals who are looking to strengthen their overall enterprise cyber defence strategy."

The simulations and training will be conducted by the KPMG Business School, which is an initiative by the advisory to impart the latest skills across a range of disciplines taught by industry experts - one of these skills being cyber security.

Furthermore, almost half of CEOs polled in Singapore believe that cyber security was their biggest threat to growth over the next three years, according to data from KPMG’s CEO Outlook 2018.

In addition, they also believed that becoming a victim of cyber-attack is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, and that while half of the CEOs polled indicated they were prepared for a future cyber-attack, only 31 per cent were confident of identifying a cyber threat.

“Today’s cyber security landscape is evolving at an incredible speed and the requirement for cyber-security talent pool is increasing rapidly,” said David Chartier, CEO, Arctic Security.

"Through this collaboration with KPMG in Singapore, we hope to develop and nurture the next generation of cyber security talent, by providing them with appropriate training and knowledge.

“We look forward to extending customised collaborations with other institutions in Singapore in the near future.”

This is just the latest move by KPMG to target critical areas for talent development with the advisory recently signing a three-year research collaboration agreement with Singapore's agency for science, technology and research (A*STAR) that targeted cyber security, text-mining, machine translation and data analytics.

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