Dimension Data wins security tender with Asian utility giant

Dimension Data wins security tender with Asian utility giant

Agreement includes Hong Kong operations as well as regional subsidiaries

One of Asia’s largest utility company’s has selected Dimension Data to help develop its regional cyber security strategy.

The agreement - awarded following a competitive tender process - includes the organisation’s Hong Kong operations as well as its regional subsidiaries across Asia Pacific.

"We are very excited to work with an industry leader and to be able to accelerate its provision of essential services to the locals,” said Steven Medeiros, president of Hong Kong at Dimension Data.

"Through our managed security services, we have built a secure operational environment to help the client organisation deliver its services, in a reliable and sustainable manner."

With a recent spat of regional data breaches and heightened cyber attacks across Asia, the company was prompted to take action to bolster its cyber defence capabilities across its operations in an effort to not just mitigate prevalent risks but also future-proof their operational environment.

The tender process involved multiple portal demonstrations to showcase its capability and domain expertise as well as the solutions robustness to attack.

Dimension Data will ensure the provision of a total security solution system under the agreement, which consists of products, services and consultancy to guarantee both the business-readiness and reliability of their systems.

“We have enabled our client to gain the confidence to focus on ensuring continued service excellence in their business, with the assurance of a robust defence strategy,” said Medeiros.

“That is always the goal behind every implementation, and we look forward to continually evolving with them in the years to come."

To ensure operations run smoothly, the managed service provider will be responsible for the system integration, as well as the testing and management of the security solutions of over 100 devices, including next-generation firewall, advanced threat protection solutions, servers and security information and event management tools.

The purpose of all this is to enable real-time, threat intelligence-driven protection from emerging forms of cyber attacks, designed to be not just flexible but easy to scale and will support the organisation’s ambitious regional growth plans.

The implementation of this solution across the organisation’s operation has resulted in not just improved protection from regional threats but also a boost in overall productivity.

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