Cloud Distribution takes Netconsent to Asia

Cloud Distribution takes Netconsent to Asia

The UK-based compliance and communications software vendor handles compliance, policy management and training

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Cloud Distribution has landed a new vendor partnership with UK-based compliance and communications software vendor, Netconsent that will cover the Asian market.

Netconsent provides compliance automation as-a-platform, and deals with policy management and training, streamlining and automating tasks.

Furthermore, it also helps to deliver certification and industry standards such as ISO 27001, Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme and others such as Victorian Protective Data Security Standard (VPDSS) to employee’s desktops as well as monitoring users and delivering real time reporting.

Cloud Distribution is a division of inTechnology launched by inTechnology's CEO Mark Winter and COO Jason Burn.

The business was launched in April 2015, specifically targeting the cloud computing market across the Asia Pacific region with its headquarters in the Philippines.

“Strengthening the human factor around compliance is front of mind for most government, public and private enterprises,” Winter said.

Cloud Distribution chief channel officer, Charlie Creegan, added that it spends a great deal of time researching new vendors and new technology, how it will fit in and complement its existing vendor portfolio and partner network.

“Cloud Distribution have a long-standing history of taking new and exciting technologies to the Asia market with its network of partners around the region,” Netconsent CEO, Lee Reynolds, said.

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