ServiceNow acquires AI workforce solution provider Parlo

ServiceNow acquires AI workforce solution provider Parlo

Second acquisition announced within a week

Enterprise cloud vendor ServiceNow has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) workforce solution provider Parlo.

ServiceNow plans to add the Parlo technology across its entire suite of services on the Now Platform. According to ServiceNow, Parlo's algorithms makes getting work done faster and easier as its algorithms make interacting with machines more conversational.

“We are rapidly moving away from structured data such as filling in forms and data fields, towards unstructured interactions with machines such as free-form text, voice and gestures," ServiceNow A/NZ vice president and managing director David Oakley said. "Our goal is to make every day work interactions simple, accessible and natural for everyone."

Parlo's CEO Murali Subbarao said the company's technology helps machines make sense of human speech, allowing employees to use systems naturally and not forcing them to speak or think like a machine.

“This transaction allows our work to have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people by making their work experience easier, more efficient and more satisfying.”

ServiceNow did not disclose the value of deal only saying the all-cash transaction is expected to close in May.

Last week, ServiceNow snapped software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider VendorHawk. With the acquisition, ServiceNow claimed it is already expanding its capabilities in software asset management to help customers drive digital transformation by providing transparency into software license utilisation and costs.

"ServiceNow expects to become a market leader in providing a comprehensive software asset management (SAM) solution to manage both on-premises software and SaaS subscriptions on a single platform, ServiceNow general manager of ITSM, ITBM and ITAM Farrell Hough said in a blog post.

VendorHawk cloud solution helps customers discover, rationalise and optimise SaaS subscriptions across their organisation.

VendorHawk will also be added to the Now Platform and offered as part of a ServiceNow SAM release in 2019.

“Having a real-time view of all software assets is critical for our customers to consciously rationalise and optimise software spend as they digitally transform,” ServiceNow Oakley said.

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