Salesforce partner drives audience engagement with Lightning launch

Salesforce partner drives audience engagement with Lightning launch

Solution allows businesses to create communities that improve communications with key audiences

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Magnet 360 has unveiled a new offering built on the Salesforce Lightning enterprise application framework, designed to drive audience engagement among organisations.

Under the banner of Lightning Bolt Factory, the solution allows businesses to create communities that improve communications with key audiences.

Specifically, Salesforce Lightning Bolt allows partners to create and distribute Salesforce Bolt solutions-containing industry-specific functionality and design-that enable companies to jumpstart development of their portal or community.

“Salesforce Lightning is all about driving audience engagement - e.g. a portal to provide personalised service, or a platform that sends consumers offers customised to their preferences,” Magnet 360 CEO, Matt Meents, said.

“Our Lightning Bolt Factory is built on Magnet 360's industry-specific expertise and deep knowledge of the Salesforce Platform.

“We can help businesses pick and choose the components they need, so that they can go-to-market with powerful digital communities that deliver meaningful experiences to drive sales, greater loyalty or more employee productivity.”

According to Meents, businesses across a range of sectors are using Salesforce Lightning Bolts to create customised online communities, spanning employee engagement, service, support and customer satisfaction.

Available through AppExchange - an enterprise cloud marketplace - Magnet 360's Lightning Bolt Factory houses solutions including ConsumerConnect 360, Patient Engage and Connected Manufacturing.

“Businesses across industries have varying levels of success engaging with customers, partners and employees online - whether it be on their website or social media platforms,” Meents explained.

As a result, Lightning Bolt Factory allows customers to bundle business-specific templates, applications and other Lightning components together, ensuring they can go live with a community or portal faster and more cost-effectively.

“Companies need to be able to quickly create and deploy industry-specific experiences that engage customers and partners, all connected to CRM,” Salesforce Community Cloud senior vice president and general manager of product, Mike Micucci, added.

“Salesforce Lightning Bolt empowers a broad ecosystem of partners to package their expertise into new solutions that accelerate our customers' time to market.”

Operating as part of the Mindtree Salesforce practice, Magnet 360 has been a Salesforce partner since 2004, with customers that include Hilton, Chamberlain Group and Best Buy, alongside United Healthcare, Hallmark and Avis.

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